Tailored Yoga Teaching Courses - Cultivating Your Path to Muladhara

Discover the art and science of yoga with our comprehensive Yoga Teaching Course. Journey from the foundational Muladhara practices to advanced yoga techniques, each step tailored to guide you through a personalized path of wellness and mastery. Our course is designed to take beginners to advanced levels in a pattern that honors individual pace and progress.

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From Fundamentals to Advanced Practices

Delve into the heart of yoga with our specialized course categories, each crafted to enhance your practice and teaching skills. Explore these four pivotal stages:

Beginner Yoga 101

yoga basicsyoga basics

30-Day Yoga Challenge

inner engineering from the root chakrainner engineering from the root chakra

Root Engineering

Ascending to Your Highest Self

Elevate your practice with the 27-Day Zenith Yoga Rituals. This advanced course guides you through sophisticated asanas and meditation techniques, aimed at harnessing your inner strength and propelling you towards your highest potential.

Awakening the Muladhara Chakra for Stability and Strength

Dive deep into the essence of your being with the Root Engineering course. Focused on awakening and balancing the Muladhara chakra, this module offers techniques to ground your energy, foster stability, and build a strong foundation for advanced practices.

Deepen Your Practice, Transform Your Life

Embark on a transformative journey with our 30-day challenge. Designed to deepen your yoga practice and integrate mindfulness into your daily life, this course offers a structured path to personal growth and wellness

Foundations for a Transformative Practice

Start your journey with the essential building blocks of yoga. This beginner-friendly course lays the groundwork for a lifelong practice, introducing you to the core principles and poses of yoga in a supportive and comprehensive manner

a group of people sitting around a yogi performing yoga ritualsa group of people sitting around a yogi performing yoga rituals

27-Day Zenith Yoga Rituals

Embark on a Transformative Journey with Our Yoga Teaching Course

"Become part of the Muladhara Yoga Wellness family and initiate your journey of transformation. Unveil the core principles of Muladhara yoga with us and tread a holistic path that aligns mind, body, and spirit in perfect harmony.